Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Lawyers

Let me state it off the bat: email marketing will never die.

It has been around for many years, and will still be with us for many years to come. It may change or evolve in some way, shape or form, but it without a doubt is here to stay.

It is for this exact reason that you should not ignore email marketing in your overall digital marketing mix, in your communication with your existing clients, and in your bid to retain new ones.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Law Firm

There are numerous advantages to be had by focusing on email marketing campaigns. We will only focus on a few. Namely:

1. It is Very Cost-Effective

email marketing importance

The above image says it better than anything else ever could. Your return on investment from an email marketing campaign will almost always outperform that of other major digital and non-digital outreach campaigns.

Some other things to note about the cost of an electronic mail marketing campaign are:

  • It is relatively cheap to run a campaign
  • It can unfortunately take a long time to build up a sizable email list.

2. It Can Be Automated

Automation is one of the best things that can happen to a business, as it frees up your time to be able to do more productive things. An email campaign can be set and “forgotten," and it would still diligently perform what it was set up to do.

3. Helps You Deliver Personalized Messages.

Even with email marketing, one size does not fit all. Your ability to segment your subscriber list into relevant groups, and send out personalized messages to individuals depending on various factors such as type of interest shown, what product they showed an interest in, wherein your sales/marketing funnel they are, and more.

4. Effectively Measure Your email Marketing Efforts.

Being able to measure the effectiveness of anything you do in your business is important, so you can, among other things know what things to do more and less of.

The ability to know precisely how many people will see an email campaign, how many people actually did see it, how long they spent seeing or reading it, if and how many people interacted with it, and so much more, are just some of the things you can get to know about how effective your email outreach campaign was.

5. Helps You Stay in Constant Contact With Your (Potential) Clients.

Research suggests that it takes multiple ‘contacts’  before someone buys something from you. While various people have suggested different ‘contact’ numbers that it takes, which is why our best answer is multiple.

The point, however, is that your brand needs to be heard about, and trusted before the individual might feel comfortable enough to buy from you. Email marketing allows you stay in constant contact with the potential client for as many contacts as you are willing to do, until such a time where they are ready to make the purchase.

Similarly, it is quite possible that the individual might be ready to buy at that first contact or even the second, but at some point, they likely will, and if they have seen your brand name long enough to make it “stick," they are likely to come looking for you when the time comes.

Email marketing is an exponentially cheaper way to do this than via TV, radio or print advertising.

Need Help With Your Email Marketing?

Speak to us about creating an intelligent email marketing plan for your law firm. From acquisition, retention, engagement and conversion. we put detailed thought into all these elements and more.