Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

One of the main benefits that a robust social media campaign will bring about for your law practice, is brand awareness, business validation, and website traffic.

Social media plays a very important role in your overall digital marketing mix. It is an established fact that referrals can play a very important role in bringing new customers to your business, while research has shown that referrals can act as an influencing factor in convincing a new buyer to buy your product or service.

Also, from an SEO standpoint, social media signals (Likes, Tweets, Shares, Pins, etc) have been known to be a contributing factor in a website’s ability to rank high in the search engines.

It is from these standpoints that Telligent Marketing will focus a lot of effort into the social media marketing of your law firm. The main objectives being to actively engage users who are discussing things related to your business’s offerings, encourage them to engage with your website and social media content, provide users with useful and informative content, and much more.

In summary, once you sign us up, some of the things we will do for your law firm on the various social media websites include:

  • Create and develop brand awareness for your law practice and use it to develop trust in your brand.
  • Build relationships by holding conversations and constantly engaging with your existing and potential clients.
  • Use these engagements on social media to drive traffic to your website.

Combining Paid & Organic Social Media Advertising

The sad reality is that major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly tweaking their platforms to ensure that an increasing number of organic content does not get seen by users on the platform.

This is just their way of forcing more people to take up paid advertising with them.

Combining the more powerful paid social media advertising with organic social media marketing can provide even more amazing results for your law practice.


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Need Help Managing Your Social Media Campaigns?

Properly done, social media can be an important source of traffic and other benefits for your law firm. Tell us what your goals are regarding social media.